About Us

With creativity flowing under the backdrop of a pandemic, KOIX was officially created in 2021.

John and Ellie King are a husband and wife team and founded KOIX together in their South East Melbourne home. They are a local community minded family that are involved in the Australian basketball community in many ways and wanted to give the basketball community a local brand that Aussies can be proud of.

The name KOIX derives from the word Coex which means ‘A New Era’ and is exactly what the brand is for the Australian basketball shoe market. The letters were changed to match family names, and thus the name and brand ‘KOIX’ was born. KOIX is a new era, a new era for basketball shoes in Australia, a new era for the Australian baller, a shoe made by ballers for ballers.

KOIX works with individuals, basketball associations and domestics clubs to deliver shoes to their basketball teams and players. We are happy to discuss the opportunities that this could bring to your association or club.

KOIX is the shoe made by ballers for ballers!